Just a bunch of Pissed Off Women

I think this was a common reaction to the Women’s Marches that happened around the world this weekend. Women crowded cities around the globe because they were pissed off. I mean, they have nothing to angry about except President Trump being in office. Right? Well, I don’t think to ask for equal pay, the right to make safe choices about sex, and ensuring that that mothers get adequate maternity and pay to have children is ridiculous. If it hadn’t been for pissed off women, we could not vote, own property, or even get a higher education.


Pissed Off Women: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony (Wikimedia Commons)

I don’t apologize for not wanting men in suits to tell me what I can and can’t do with my uterus. Imagine what would happen if it tried to tell men what do with their reproductive organ. One of the executive acts gives insurance companies the leeway to remove contraceptive and maternity care for its coverage. It was all signed by men. I thought we were past the Dark Ages when men controlled a women’s reproductive system. Allowing access to adequate contraceptive options adds safety to sexual and reproductive decisions. The choice to get on birth control may not be a sexual one, but entirely health related. It’s a personal choice. People complain about the government trying to control their rights to own a gun or run surveillance on their internet history. Do women not have a legitimate complaint?

Historically, women have been treated as weaker and lesser. It was thought that women’s brains could not handle the rigors of science, math, and finance. A woman could not be allowed to hold the same jobs as men. They could not understand politics so they shouldn’t have the right to vote. When women come together, it turns into a mudslinging festival by people who think they don’t have a reason to protest.


Eleanor Roosevelt (Wikimedia Commons)


I hope that one day we will stop thinking of anyone as lesser. Native Americans are not less for wanting clean water in their lands. Minorities are not less than a person. Neither are women or the mentally ill. Mothers are the strongest people I know. Maybe I am too idealistic about wanting a  world where people feel safe, have enough to eat and can make choices about their personal lives and be healthy. I always think of Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous words at these times: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” The world needs healing, no matter what direction you are coming from.

You don’t have to agree with someone. Just don’t make them feel like garbage for doing what they think is right. Perhaps one day we will become a world where we help instead of attack on another.



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