The Case for Emily

I state, without a doubt, that Emily Starr is my favorite L.M. Montgomery character. I’m just excited about as the next girl about the new Anne series coming to Netflix. However, I just feel like Emily has never gotten her due. I think a new show of the series would be fantastic. There was a Canadian series based on the books. There were some good points about the show, but it strayed far from the books.


I believe that the Emily books have a greater level of maturity and depth than the Anne books.  The defining experience of the death fo Emily’s father spurs her development. I relate to Emily’s personality more than Anne’s. Emily hides her emotions unless she trusts someone or has a particularly stirring moment. However, her imagination is vivid and full of dreams. Her sixth sense adds mystery the stories. I would like to see an updated version of these scenarios play out.

I love Gilbert Blythe, don’t get me wrong. I just have a soft spot for the artistic types. Frederick Kent’s and Emily’s romance is heart-wrenching. Their stars cross many times before they finally come together. I think I held my breath many times reading about these two. Ilse and Perry’s romance is amusing and tempestuous.  I can see the love story playing out on the screen.


Overall, there is more spice in the Emily books. I felt that the Anne books were always too bright and sugary. Yes, there were some tragic moments in the books. I never got over Montgomery kill Walter. I remember throwing the book down as a kid. I just feel like Emily let you into more sides of human emotions. Secondly, Anne’s craving for everyone to like her got on my nerves on occasion. Emily did not feel comfortable being disliked, but she acknowledged when people didn’t and moved on. She did want love from those she loved best, which is natural. Anne never grew out of trying to get everyone to like her even as an adult. I feel like Emily was more emotionally independent.

I read that the Emily books were never as popular as the Anne series. I understand that. Anne was more magic and sparkle than Emily. I just don’t waver from my belief that Emily is due a revival and new adaptation. I think the story is just as moving and magical as the Anne books.


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