10 things to smile about

It was a rough morning. I didn’t sleep well last night and this morning had my heart racing. Missy stepped in a yellow’s jackets nest during her potty round. She got stung a few times. I rushed her to vet office. Luckily, she doesn’t seem to have any adverse reactions. They gave her a large dose of Benadryl and told me to monitor her. She is limping because her foot got stung. I think perhaps it was worse on me than her. My job was all right with me taking the day off to watch her. My face is currently broken out with a mysterious rash, too.  It’s days like these you have to take time the to remember the things that make you smile.

  1. The thought of always having an adventure, no matter how small or big. IMG_3887.JPG

2. The beauty of nature makes me smile all the time. From flowers in the field to watching the fireflies at night in the trees…beauty is a joy.

3. The love and support from my friends and family.

4. Losing myself in a good book bring a comforting smile to my face.


5.  Creating something beautiful that brings joy to myself and others.

6. The feeling of when a poem or song just fits in a perfect moment.

7. The happiness at seeing a tiny seed turn into a flower.


8. Moments of peace when the thoughts in my head are kind, and the anxiety is quiet.

9. Simply having time with someone or something I love.

10. Taking pictures of Missy’s weird and cute faces.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what makes you smile, but it’s well worth it when you do. And as an update, the furbaby is doing well right now.


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