Bookish bits

The past few weeks have been busy. That fact, along with a creative dry spell, has caused the lack of posting. I hope to tap back into blogging and creativity in general. I’ve beat myself up a little bit because of this absence. I realized it’s time to stop doing that and just seize onto ideas as they happen. I have some book news to report.

I just finished reading Wolf of the Northern Star. It was a good sequel to the first Wolfkin saga.  Himes promises more books, which I’m looking forward to reading. I’m currently reading The Sorcerer’s Concubine by Jaclyn Dolamore. It’s really interesting. Velsa is a doll housing a soul. The purpose of the dolls is to be submissive and earn redemption for their past lives. It’s a trilogy so I hope it continues to be interesting.


DragonCon is in a few days. I’m cosplaying Vin from Mistborn this year. I love Vin’s character. Another good thing, her costume is up for interpretation in some ways. The Mistborn cloak was an adventure to make. My alchemy belt will just be plain fun to wear around the convention. I couldn’t find any daggers that would work and be conventional friendly, so those have to be skipped.


I look forward to trying to make some book panels this year. I enjoyed the Patricia Briggs one last year. They are a breath of fresh air away from the crowds of the Con. I might try for an autograph from Chloe Neill. However, if it’s paid, I don’t have that money. I will pay for a book but I can’t afford autographs.

Anyway, that’s all the book bits I have for now. Thanks for reading!


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