Howdy, Readers. Life Update

I do apologize for the lack of posting lately. It’s not that I’m absent ideas. It’s more like exhaustion. I took on way too much work the past few weeks. The idea behind this was based on a job interview I had a few weeks ago. I assumed I did not get the job. It turned out that I was wrong.

This blogger is entering the outside world to work. The company is mid-sized and specializes in school texts and workbooks. It’s family owned and is local to the area. It will be an adjustment working in an actual office around people. I know, it makes me sound crazy. However, I’m sure I will adapt soon. I go tomorrow to fill out paperwork. I suppose I will find out more when I’m there.  I’m more worried about the furbaby adapting.

Speaking of the furbaby, it will be one year since I adopted her this upcoming weekend. It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She is my companion and endless source of entertainment. She rules the house, and she knows it. I plan to take her Petsmart and let her roam around and flirt. I will also purchase her something. She’s spoiled.


Portrait of  Spoiled Dog

As this is a book blog, I must mention what I’ve read lately. I  justed finished The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery. She wrote this one for older audiences. I loved it from start to finish. I felt like it was written for me. It goes on my list of ‘books to read if you want to understand me’ category. It reminded me in some ways of A Room with a View. I’ve read Quentin Heart: Vampire Bounty Hunter for a light read. I love it until the horribly anti-climatic ending. There is still a long list of books I plan to read.


Spring is early this year. I have to hold back my eagerness to start planting. A last minute cold front or two always moves through. I already have to cover some plants in case that happens. My tulips are on they way up. My roses are growing new leaves. Mother Nature must be on a bender. Or, you know, climate change. I do plan on using many bee friendly plants this year. My landlord professed an interest in keeping bees. I plan on doing my part to save the honeybees.

Anyway, hopefully, you feel caught up. Blogging and other types of writing must be planned more carefully now. I got the test-making writing project I’ve done before happening this month too. Let’s pray I keep my sanity intact.



The Case for Emily

I state, without a doubt, that Emily Starr is my favorite L.M. Montgomery character. I’m just excited about as the next girl about the new Anne series coming to Netflix. However, I just feel like Emily has never gotten her due. I think a new show of the series would be fantastic. There was a Canadian series based on the books. There were some good points about the show, but it strayed far from the books.


I believe that the Emily books have a greater level of maturity and depth than the Anne books.  The defining experience of the death fo Emily’s father spurs her development. I relate to Emily’s personality more than Anne’s. Emily hides her emotions unless she trusts someone or has a particularly stirring moment. However, her imagination is vivid and full of dreams. Her sixth sense adds mystery the stories. I would like to see an updated version of these scenarios play out.

I love Gilbert Blythe, don’t get me wrong. I just have a soft spot for the artistic types. Frederick Kent’s and Emily’s romance is heart-wrenching. Their stars cross many times before they finally come together. I think I held my breath many times reading about these two. Ilse and Perry’s romance is amusing and tempestuous.  I can see the love story playing out on the screen.


Overall, there is more spice in the Emily books. I felt that the Anne books were always too bright and sugary. Yes, there were some tragic moments in the books. I never got over Montgomery kill Walter. I remember throwing the book down as a kid. I just feel like Emily let you into more sides of human emotions. Secondly, Anne’s craving for everyone to like her got on my nerves on occasion. Emily did not feel comfortable being disliked, but she acknowledged when people didn’t and moved on. She did want love from those she loved best, which is natural. Anne never grew out of trying to get everyone to like her even as an adult. I feel like Emily was more emotionally independent.

I read that the Emily books were never as popular as the Anne series. I understand that. Anne was more magic and sparkle than Emily. I just don’t waver from my belief that Emily is due a revival and new adaptation. I think the story is just as moving and magical as the Anne books.

Just a bunch of Pissed Off Women

I think this was a common reaction to the Women’s Marches that happened around the world this weekend. Women crowded cities around the globe because they were pissed off. I mean, they have nothing to angry about except President Trump being in office. Right? Well, I don’t think to ask for equal pay, the right to make safe choices about sex, and ensuring that that mothers get adequate maternity and pay to have children is ridiculous. If it hadn’t been for pissed off women, we could not vote, own property, or even get a higher education.


Pissed Off Women: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony (Wikimedia Commons)

I don’t apologize for not wanting men in suits to tell me what I can and can’t do with my uterus. Imagine what would happen if it tried to tell men what do with their reproductive organ. One of the executive acts gives insurance companies the leeway to remove contraceptive and maternity care for its coverage. It was all signed by men. I thought we were past the Dark Ages when men controlled a women’s reproductive system. Allowing access to adequate contraceptive options adds safety to sexual and reproductive decisions. The choice to get on birth control may not be a sexual one, but entirely health related. It’s a personal choice. People complain about the government trying to control their rights to own a gun or run surveillance on their internet history. Do women not have a legitimate complaint?

Historically, women have been treated as weaker and lesser. It was thought that women’s brains could not handle the rigors of science, math, and finance. A woman could not be allowed to hold the same jobs as men. They could not understand politics so they shouldn’t have the right to vote. When women come together, it turns into a mudslinging festival by people who think they don’t have a reason to protest.


Eleanor Roosevelt (Wikimedia Commons)


I hope that one day we will stop thinking of anyone as lesser. Native Americans are not less for wanting clean water in their lands. Minorities are not less than a person. Neither are women or the mentally ill. Mothers are the strongest people I know. Maybe I am too idealistic about wanting a  world where people feel safe, have enough to eat and can make choices about their personal lives and be healthy. I always think of Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous words at these times: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” The world needs healing, no matter what direction you are coming from.

You don’t have to agree with someone. Just don’t make them feel like garbage for doing what they think is right. Perhaps one day we will become a world where we help instead of attack on another.


Book Review: Rock Stars aren’t for Country Girls

The lovely Kelly D. Smith contacted me about a review for her third book, Rock Stars aren’t for Country Girls. It’s the continuing stories of the band  Hooch in Hades in their romances. This installation brings in a country twist, adding a new element to the books. It follows the story of Anna and Adam and their musical journey together. I love doing indie book reviews and was greatly pleased with this installment.

Book Review: Rock Stars aren’t for Country Girl

Anna is an aspiring country artist who runs into bassist Adam by chance. He saves the day by filling in for her sick bassist. It’s a good beginning to show how nice he is and dispels Anna’s beliefs about rock stars. As for Anna, I admired her drive to achieve her music dreams. She doesn’t let anything take away her hope and ambition. Her and Adam have good chemistry. I like how he was legitimately being the nice guy towards Anna. The romance kicks up a notch when she decides to take it to next level. A woman led romance is always refreshing to read about. There was also a lack of immaturity in their relationshop that I enjoyed.


The pace of the book seemed faster than the previous installments. However, the progression seemed natural even with the speed. For those interested in the music industry, you get a better view into its workings in this book. There was also more cheerful moments in this book. I thought the scene where Anna meets her music idol was great. I mean, we are all fans of someone. She handles it a bit more calmly than most, but it was still funny. I felt like this couple laughed more than the other two. There was just so many new dynamics to this book that made it a great.

Overall, this is a good read for romance fans. It doesn’t take long to get through and you will laugh a bit throughout. I think most good romances should have laughter. Make sure you add this book to your romance or Valentine’s Day reading list.

Light the candle

It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.– Eleanor Roosevelt

I’ve been saying this quote to myself each day for a long time. It’s more of a personal goal than anything. Needless to say, 2016 was a rough year for the world. Each of us has had our personal trials as well. Speaking from experience, it really is easier to give up. I nearly gave up entirely last year. With the love of friends and family, meds, and what I call my therapy dog, I pulled through. Some days are still a struggle and worry about the state of the world. However, if I can’t shine like a star, I will try to be a candle.

Image from Morguefile.

I know the last two posts were personal, but sometimes you just have something important to say. There are many great books coming out, and I’ve fielded some review requests, so don’t worry. I just feel like sending a message of hope that those that need it. Don’t ever doubt the positive influence you have on someone. Even the smallest gesture can make the smallest difference. Just responding to a message can help make a person’ day.

I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions. It’s more of an overall goal to be a candle in the darkness. It’s to appreciate people and things more. It’s to let myself be guided and not force myself to feel things liked  I used to and to be kinder. Most of all, I need to try to be kinder to myself. Loving yourself is the first step to giving that love to other people. I think another overall goal is to give more myself to passions. Art and writing are important to me and I need to follow my creativity.


I’ve been given many gifts this year along with many challenges and choices. I had to go through the experience of letting go and inviting new things in. I acted and managed to travel to a place I’ve never been before. It was a tad overwhelming, but I enjoyed my trip. New people have entered my life and I’m happy about this fact. I’ve witnessed many good things happen to my friends and how they made it through changes. I think that has kept me inspired as well. Remember, you can never underestimate the gifts you have to give to the world.

Thoughts on Christmas

It’s hard to believe that Chrismas is only a few short days away. Where did the time go? I know I’m in a completely different place emotionally. Last year, I was mired in depression and had no interest in Christmas. It was a dark time, is all I will say. This year I got a tree and decorated it nicely. I guess I needed a symbol of light. I feel calm and happy seeing the lights glow. Although right now I’m feeling overwhelmed, the tree shines on.


I get nostalgic around Christmas time. Nothing beats the joy of waking up to see what Santa brought as a kid. My memories of childhood Christmases are busy ones. I had three places to be each year. That increased as I became an adult. I remember the sound of shotgun pellets raining on the roof. I guess it’s a country tradition. I will also love the huge Christmas tree my Granny had up each year. To me, it was a wonderland. I’m trying to hold onto these good feelings.

I had a fun trip to Colorado. I loved the natural beauty of mountains.It was great seeing Rachel and Andrew. The trip was enlightening on a personal level. I realized some things about myself that needed healing and other wounds that had healed. A new environment gives a fresh perspective. The Colorado country reminded me of Christmas and the power of nature. I had a Skyrim moment looking at these mountains.


I’m trying to let go of this week’s stress and look forward to Christmas. I’ve felt challenged on many levels this week. Christmas is not about buying the most gifts. It is about making memories. It’s about cherishing your loved ones and spending the time with them. For me, most of all, it’s being glad that there in some light in the darkness. I have a great family and friends. I have a wonderful dog trio to love on this Christmas. It doesn’t take much to be glad about Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


Five Books I can’t wait for

2017 has a slew of new books coming out by my favorite authors. I really can’t wait to read them, but I have to. Each book on this list is tickling my fancy in some way. I’m going to need a bigger bookshelf. My old one collapsed a few months back. I’ve been using two small ones to take up the slack. My fingers are itching to open these new books, and my patience is being tested. Take a look at the books that are ready to hit my shelf in 2017.

Five Books I can’t wait for

Miranda and Caliban by Jacqueline Carey: My favorite author and my number on Shakespeare play combined for an entertaining retelling? Sign me up! Although a part of me wishes she would return to Terre D’Ange, I’m eager to read her newest endeavor. Madame Carey has not disappointed me once.


Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman: Gaiman is a brilliant storyteller. There is only one book of his I didn’t enjoy. Now that is he writing about one my favorite topics in the world; I’m beyond excited. I can’t wait to read his take on Loki, Thor, Baldur, and all the Norse myths I love.


Blade Bound by Chloe Neill: This installment is tinged with sadness because I hear it is the last book in the series. I’ve loved reading about Merit and the gang. But, it’s better than dragging out the series. I look forward to seeing what happens to Ethan and Merit.


Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs: My levels of excitement for this book are high. Mrs. Briggs, who I got to see at DragonCon, talked about this book extensively. Mercy’s adventures are always full of action and Mercy saving the day. It will be interesting to see Mercy on by herself without the supporting cast.


Midnight Jewel by Richelle Mead: The first book in this series exceeded my expectations. I’m ready to read what happens to the next group of court girls. The women in the story are strong and use their wits to find happiness. Mira’s story looks like it will be interesting.


These books are only the ones coming out early next year. What books are you looking forward to next year?